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15th Finance Commission speaks of ‘enigma of two Karnatakas’

BENGALURU: There is an enigma of two Karnatakas with the existence of both high per capita income and high poverty numbers in the state at the same time, the 15th Finance Commission said on Tuesday, as it stressed on the need for closer attention on the matter.

Also, the debt to GDP ratio in Karnataka is rising and the state needs to be mindful of this going forward,the Commission cautioned, though it is aligned with the targets set as of now.

Commission Chairman N K Singh said it was somewhat ironic that as one speaks of Karnatakaas India’s engine of growth, the home of technology and startup industries and where entrepreneurial instincts come naturally, per capita income was significantly higher than that of the nation, but poverty numbers were unacceptably high.

“In a sense as what many have said there is not one Karnataka, there are two Karnatakas,” he said.