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Amala Paul received some good news

Amala Paul received some good news when Ratsasan opened to a good response at the box office and received rave reviews from fans. The film, featuring her as the leading lady opposite Vishnu Vishal, exceeded expectations and proved to be one of the best movies of the year.

The Plot
Aadai revolves around the exploits of a free-spirited girl and her confidence receives a big shock when she finds herself naked post a wild party. The rest of the movie deals with how she struggles to come to terms with this harsh reality.
Aadai is undoubtedly a bold attempt at storytelling that tries to break stereotypes associated with the perfect ‘Tamil Ponnu’. The on-screen action comes across as quite intense and raw, which takes fans by surprise. The controversial nude scene has been shot rather aesthetically and comes across as an integral part of the plot. The ‘dogs’ scene too is quite powerful and makes an impact. That said and done, Aadai becomes a bit preachy at times, which might not click with a certain section of the audience. Moreover, most of the secondary characters lack depth, which dilutes the film’s impact at certain points. The biggest drawback of Aadai is the twist which betrays the excellent build-up.
Aadai is an Amala show all the way and bears testimony to her growth as a performer. Her confident body language and flawless expressions add a new dimension to the movie, upping its recall value in a big way.
Technical Aspects
The cinematography, background score and other technical departments have been handled quite well.