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As MG Motor Unveils Hector SUV in India, Here is a Look at Their History


MG Motor, the British marque that will make its debut in the Indian car market with the unveiling of its SUV offering MG Hector, was founded by an automobile engineer Cecil Kimber. Born on 12 April 1888, Kimber began working for the car tycoon William Morris (later Lord Nuffield) in 1921 and was made general manager of the Morris Garages chain in Oxford a year later. Kimber quickly realised that turnover could be increased by offering special models, and so launched the £268 “Morris Garages Chummy” in 1923, according to The Independent. By 1926, its production represented 42 per cent of the British car manufacturer.

“Kimber started to refer to his cars as “MGs” (for Morris Garages) in 1924, but only in 1925 was all mention of Morris dropped and the term “MG Super Sports” emblazoned on his publicity material. MG moved in 1929 to a proper factory at Abingdon, and in July 1930 the sports car enterprise that came from nowhere became the MG Car Company, with Kimber its managing director.”