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Ather Signs MoU With TN Govt; Will Develop Li-ion Batteries And Electric Scooters

Ather is one of the first startups in India that is currently working on providing a sustainable transportation system with the means of electric vehicles. The company has already launched the Ather 450 — which is a flagship product from the company and it has now signed an MoU with TN government to fasten its production.

According to the latest twitter post from Ather, the company has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Govt of Tamil Nadu to set up a new manufacturing plant in Hosur, Tamil Nadu. The company claims that the new plant is ten folds bigger than its current factory with an overall space of 400,000 sq. ft. Ather has also confirmed that the brand will make Li-ion batteries and assemble electric vehicles here.

It is a startup from Bengaluru with a mission to offer electric vehicles across the country. Though the availability of the Ather 450 is limited to Bengaluru and Chennai, the company is most likely to extend its footprint to other states with the help of its new assembly plant. Unlike most of the electric scooters available in the country, the Ather 450 looks much premium, thanks to its modern yet simple design and it also has a smart-display hub that can display navigation information.

Just like smartphones, the company pushes software updates to add new features and to iron out some.   On the specifications part, the Ather 450 offers a range anywhere between 55KM to 75KM on a single charge with an acceleration zero to 40KM/hr in 3.5 seconds and a top speed of 80KM. The vehicle is powered by a BLDC motor that outputs a maximum torque of 20.5 Nm and a maximum power of 5.4kW. The vehicle is powered by a high-capacity 2.4kWh Li-ion battery with a warranty of three years. The vehicle is IP67 water and dust resistant with support for fast charging at 1km/min (up to 80 percent).