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Benefits of ice cubes for Health

Ice cubes can also be used as a recovery aid for repetitive strain injuries like tendinitis and iliotibial band syndrome. Icing, the process of applying ice on your body is backed by the analgesic property of ice. Ice is mostly applied for acute injuries that are fresh, such as muscle strains, severe bruises.

1. Improves sleep
Lack of sleep and disturbed sleep cycles have become a common issue. According to Chinese medicine, the Feng Fu point helps in improving the quality of your sleep as well as the amount of sleep that you get by relaxing your body. On a daily basis, place an ice cube on the Fengu Fu point and rotate or rub it lightly on your skin.
2. Manages PMS symptoms
Applying ice cube or the ice cube method is an easy and natural method to relieve pain. This is because the spot at the base of the skull on which you place the ice cube is known to have a direct connection with a woman’s reproductive system, which in turn help provide relief from menstrual cramps . Apply an ice pack on your lower abdomen to get rid of the cramps and pain.
3. Improves digestion
By using the Feng Fu method, you can actually take care of issues like stomach pain, bloating and indigestion. It also provides other additional benefits like reduction in gas as well as improving the digestive regularity.
4. Aids in piles treatment
Ice acts as an effective natural remedy for treating inflammation and swelling. Due to this, it can be used in reducing the pain and discomfort caused in the anus. Make sure not to apply the ice directly on the surface . You can crush some ice cubes and wrap it in a plastic bag or use an ice pack. Cover it with a washcloth and apply to the affected area. It will be better and more effective if you could lie down on your back.
5. Relieves pain
One of the most direct and effective uses of ice cubes are for relieving pain. Be it muscle cramps or a mosquito bite or an in injection shot – applying ice packs filled with ice cubes can help reduce the pain. Ice cubes help reduce the levels of pain by soothing the inflammation and improving blood circulation in the are . Ice cubes are also an effective cure for toothache.