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Benefits of Solomon’s Seal

Polygonatum, also known as Solomon’s seal or King Solomon’s seal, is a herb that is native to North America. This genus of flowering plants has 74 species and hybrids. Many species of this plant have been traditionally used in Chinese medicines. Leaves, stems and rhizomes of Solomon’s seal are used raw or cooked and served as a side dish in China.

1. Reducing inflammation or swelling: Anti-inflammatory compounds of this herb help relieve indigestion, heartburn, diarrhoea, ulceration caused by inflammation . People have reported that their symptoms of inflammation have reduced after drinking tea made with Solomon’s Seal. This herb can also heal inflammation of the vaginal tissue.

2. Curing lung disorder and respiratory issues: Solomon’s Seal tea can work as an elixir for dry cough. It soothes your throat and clears up lung infection. It loosens the mucus in your lungs. In the past, people have also used it as medicine for pulmonary consumption, tuberculosis and lung bleeding.

3. Relieving injuries and strengthening the muscular system: Solomon’s seal tea helps in repairing sports injuries and other acute trauma caused to muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, joints or cartilage. Athletes use this in its tincture form as well to prevent muscle and ligament problems.

4. Treating menstrual pain and cramps: Women drink Solomon’s seal tea or tincture of this herb to ease their painful menstrual cramps. It can also improve fertility and increase the chances of conceiving.

5. Treating skin issues: Skin ailments such as bruises, ulcers, boils on fingers, haemorrhoids, skin redness can be treated with the help of this herb.

6. Decreasing blood sugar level: It is effective in reducing blood sugar level and regulating heart muscles .

7. Reducing risks of heart disease: One of the constituents of Solomon’s Seal is flavonoids . It has the power to produce enzymes that can curb the risks of heart disease.

You should avoid consuming Solomon’s seal if you are undergoing the following conditions:

If you are pregnant or lactating, refrain from taking it.
Stop taking this at least 2 weeks before any scheduled surgery, as it might interfere with your blood sugar control during and after the surgery.
Taking Solomon’s seal along with insulin can be risky, as insulin is also used to decrease blood sugar level. In case you want to take both simultaneously, you need to monitor your blood sugar level or change the dose of your insulin after consulting your doctor.