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Brother reiterates charge against Tamil Nadu-based VV Minerals baron

CHENNAI: A dispute relating to partition of properties of minerals major group – VV Minerals – has taken a new turn with S Jegatheesan, younger brother of mineral baron S Vaikundarajan, also a partner in the group, lodging a complaint against him recently.

The complaint dated July 18 lodged with Tirunelveli Superintendent of Police and the Tisaiyanvilai police inspector, urged them to take immediate action against S Ganesan and Vaikundarajan “for colluding to prepare a false, forged and fabricated report dated January 2, 2019, signed by Ganesan with the intent of defrauding and cheating us (Jegatheesan and his family members) as otherwise, their criminal actions will not be curtailed.”

Jegatheesan has already moved the Madras High Court with original petitions under Sec. 11 of Arbitration and Conciliation Act in April end, praying for appointment of an arbitrator, most preferably Justice Shivraj V Patil, a retired judge of Supreme Court, who had functioned as an arbitrator on an earlier occasion too, to decide the disputes between the two families under the terms of the agreements entered into on various dates. The same is pending before the high court.

In their petitions, Jagadeesan and his family members alleged that Vaikundarajan, who was at the helm of affairs of VV Minerals and other sister concerns, had breached the trust they had placed on him, siphoned off the profits of VV Minerals and purchased properties in his and in the names of his family members.

In his present police complaint too, Jegatheesan reiterated his allegations against Vaikundarajan and claimed that the so-called report dated January 2 this year (relating to partition of the assets), is a fabricated document prepared in collusion with S Ganesan, the elder step-brother of Vaikundarajan, for committing fraud and to cheat him and his family members.