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Causes, types, symptoms of Blepharitis

A common but undiagnosed condition, blepharitis affects people of all ages and it is more common in people who are above the age of 50 [1] . Blepharitis is an inflammatory condition that mostly affects the eyelids. In this article, we will discuss what causes blepharitis, how it’s treated and how it can be prevented.

The eyelids are the folds of the skin that cover the eyes and act as a shield by protecting the eyes from dirt and injury. At the edge of the eyelids, there are hair follicles that contain oil glands, these oil glands can become clogged which can trigger certain eye disorders like blepharitis.

Types Of Blepharitis

Anterior blepharitis – It occurs on the outside of the eyelids, where your eyelashes are attached. It is caused either due to dandruff on the eyebrows or allergic reactions in the eyes [3] .

Posterior blepharitis – It occurs on the inner edge of the eyelids that touches the eyeball. Posterior blepharitis is a result of a malfunctioning oil gland [4] .

Symptoms Of Blepharitis

Red eyes

Watery eyes

A burning or stinging sensation in the eyes

Itchy eyelids

Red, swollen eyelids

Greasy eyelids

Sensitivity to light

Sticky eyelids

A feeling that something is inside the eye

Flaking and crusting at the base of the eyelashes.