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Centre proposes 12 working hours, up from eight in Code passed by Parliament

NEW DELHI: The labour ministry on Friday issued a draft notification for rules of the Code on Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions allowing maximum 12 working hours in a day as opposed to the maximum eight hours proposed in the OSH Code passed by Parliament earlier.

The draft says no worker in an establishment shall be allowed to work for more than 48 hours in a week.

“The period of work of a worker shall be so arranged that inclusive of his intervals for rest, shall not spread over for more than twelve hours in a day,” the draft stated.

The government has sought views from all stakeholders in 45 days.

Along with this notification, the government has issued rules for all labour codes, which were passed in the monsoon session. The Centre hopes to implement the codes by January 2021.

The Code on Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions also mandates the employers to pay double the wages to workers who work overtime.

“In pursuance of Section 27 of Code, wherein an establishment a worker works for more than eight hours in any day or for more than 48 hours in any week, as the case may be, he shall in respect of such overtime work be entitled to wages at the rate of twice his ordinary rate of wages and shall be paid at the end of each wage period,” the draft said.

The rules also specify how hours would be calculated for overtime.

Overtime between 15 and 30 minutes would be treated as half an hour while anything between 30 and 60 minutes will be rounded off to one hour.

For calculating wages, the daily wages shall be 1/26th of the monthly wages.