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Centre will at least talk to us now: Shaheen Bagh protesters on SC’s interlocutors

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court’s appointment of two interlocutors to persuade the Shaheen Bagh protesters to move to another venue brought a little disappointment to the demonstrators though many of them believe there is finally an avenue to talk to the government about their dissent.

Hundreds of people, especially women, have been camping at Shaheen Bagh here for over two months in protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act, blocking an arterial road due to which the city has been facing traffic congestions.

A section of the women protesters said the tent put up by them symbolised the venue as their “battleground for justice and equality”.

They said they were not averse to the idea of moving but first demanded detailed talks with the government on the CAA.

“We started our protest on December 15 when the students at Jamia Millia Islamia were beaten up miserably by police. We won’t be too happy to move but since it is the court’s decision, we will accept it with full respect,” said Shaheeda Khan, a resident of Batla House.

“However, moving the point of protest won’t be a decision accepted by all,” she added.

Ritu Khosla from the Shaheen Bagh Co-ordination Committee told PTI, “The SC’s decision is welcome and we fully accept it. We will be happy to meet the mediators who have been appointed by the apex court. I don’t know if the protesters would agree to move. The decision to change the venue of the protest will entirely depend on the joint decision taken by all protesters of Shaheen Bagh.”

The famous grandmothers or ‘dadis’ of Shaheen Bagh welcomed the decision saying they now expect genuine mediation with the government.

“We have wanted to talk to the government for two months. We tried various times to have a dialogue and marched towards the home minister’s house too. However, the police always stopped us. We are ready to talk but there should be a genuine interaction and mediation between us and the government,” Sharvari Dadi of Shaheen Bagh said.

The Shaheen Bagh protestors had marched towards Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s residence on February 16 seeking to talk to him about the new citizenship law.

They were stopped by Delhi Police midway.