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Daily Skincare Routine For Dehydrated Skin

Healthy and supple skin is one that is well-moisturised. Dehydrated skin is one that lacks moisture. And mind you, it differs from dry skin. Dehydrated skin is a skin condition that comes and goes depending on various factors like your diet, weather, exposure to the sun and the skincare products that you use. It comes with its own set of problems such as itchiness, skin ageing, inflammation and change in skin texture.

And so, it becomes important to tackle dehydrated skin. But, it isn’t as simple as that. You need to be careful and disciplined to rehydrate your skin. To make this task simpler for you, her is a daily skincare routine you need to follow if you have dehydrated skin.

The Morning Ritual
1. Cleanse

The first thing in you need to do is remove all the grease and grime that is accumulated on your skin throughout the night. Take a gentle cleanser and cleanse your face thoroughly.

2. Exfoliate

Exfoliating the face helps remove all the dead skin cells that block your skin pores. Blocked pores lead to breakouts and prevent the moisturiser to seep into your skin. Exfoliating helps open up the skin pores and better penetration of the skincare products. But remember to be gentle with your skin and do not overdo it. Pat your skin dry once you are done exfoliating.

3. Moisturise

Hard Your dehydrated skin lacks moisture and it is very important to replenish that. And to ensure that, invest in a hardcore moisturiser that is gentle on the skin. Layer it on, if you need but remember, it shouldn’t make the skin feel greasy.

4. Eye cream

The area under the eyes is quite sensitive is often neglected. And if you suffer from dehydrated skin, dark circles and fine line around the eyes become more prominent. To tackle that, invest in an eye cream and apply it religiously.

5. Lip balm

If your skin is hydrated, your lips become dry too and it is quite evident and uncomfortable. Apply a hydrating lip balm on your lips to nourish them. 6. Sunscreen and other cosmetics Protection from the skin is just as the harmful rays of the sun is one of the main reasons behind dry skin. So, your next step is to apply some sunscreen on your face with an SPF of at least 15 and then proceed to apply the cosmetics products to get ready for the day.

The Night Ritual

Yes, pampering your skin just in the mornings is not enough. You need to follow a proper night skincare routine as well to rehydrate and nourish your skin.

1. Remove all the grime and make-up First things first.

Take some gentle make-up remover on a cotton ball and use it to remove all the make-up and accumulated grime on your face.

2. Cleanse

The next step is to cleanse your face. Use a gentle, soap-free cleanser for that. You can either cleanse the regular way or take the cleanser on a cotton ball and cleanse your face with it using slow circular motions.

3. Exfoliate, if absolutely necessary

If your skin feels patchy and flaky, exfoliate it during the night routine as well. Be gentle.

4. Serum

Now to add that extra moisture to your skin( that your skin needs badly), pat some serum all over your face and neck. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes to properly get absorbed into your skin.

5. Moisturising night cream

Now is the time for some night cream. Choose a night cream that is highly moisturising so that it keeps your skin hydrated throughout the night. Apply it all over your face and neck.

6. Hydrating lip balm

To wake up with soft and supple lips, apply some lip balm on your lips.