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Drinking water while eating is injurious for health


There are many people who used to drink water while eating food. They cannot eat food without Drinking water. Not only this, many people who drink cold drinks with pizza-burgers. But drinking water immediately after eating food is dangerous. Many people think that by drinking water or drinking soft drinks, food will be digested well, but it is wrong to think.

This habit of drinking water has to be changed. Drinking water in both ways can be harmful to health. Drinking soft drinks in the middle of the meal affects our immune system. As soon as you drink water in the middle of the meal, the food will start digesting. In such a situation, food stays in the stomach for a long time. Due to long stays in the stomach, problem of acidity begins. Along with this, fat starts to freeze too. This leads to obesity growing. Another danger is also that blood glucose also increases.

Saliva is formed during the meal, which helps digest food. But by drinking water between the food, this saliva becomes thin, which makes digestion difficult. Therefore, do not forget to drink water immediately after eating or after it.