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Extreme explosion in Beirut, capital of Lebanon; Many people were injured

Beirut Extreme explosion in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. Ten people were confirmed dead in the first hour. The US press agency reports that hundreds of people were injured in the explosion, citing Lebanese government sources.

Initial reports said that the explosion occurred in the port area of ​​the city. The first eruption was followed by a series of explosions. Witnesses said the explosion broke the windows of many distant buildings, including the balcony. It is not yet clear what caused the explosion.

Police said the bomb exploded in the afternoon in front of a police station in Beirut.

The bodies of 10 people have been taken to the hospital, Reuters reports. Death toll is likely to increase. It is not yet clear what caused the explosion.

According to eyewitnesses, the blast shattered the windows of the buildings and fell on the streets. Several people have been reported injured in the incident.