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FM Sitharaman wants State-Centre dialogue on one nation-one fuel price policy

CHENNAI: Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman termed the steep hike in fuel prices as a ‘vexatious issue’ and stressed on need for a Centre-State dialogue on imposing GST on the commodity to bring in uniformity across the country. Both Centre and State will have to sit together to see if there is a way in which consumer-end purchasing power or retail price of fuel is at a reasonable level, said Sitharaman during a Chennai Citizens’ forum meeting.

“If States agree on a price, then across the country there will be just one price rather than the current situation. The anomaly can be addressed if it comes under the GST. If all of us are talking about bring the consumer price down, tax raised by the State and the Centre are not holier than one another,” she said.
She added that there has been a hike in the price of Brent crude since November. Equally, the OPEC production is also likely to come down, further aggravating the stress on prices, said Sitharaman.

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