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Foods To Eat And Avoid Before Travelling

Eating well before travelling is as important as eating during the flight or after the flight. The right diet will keep you 100% healthy even you are more than twenty thousand feet up in the air while the wrong ones may make you feel miserable the whole time.


This fruit contains healthy fats and proteins that can make you feel satisfied and less hungry during those long journey flights. Spread some peanut butter over it or have it with some dry fruits before your journey.


Fibre and protein are survivals on a long flight journey. Quinoa is a rich source of both of these nutrients and is considered the best food before travelling. Include it in your salad or prepare quinoa pulao. You can also prepare it like oats add fresh fruits to it.

Kale chips

It is a rich source of vitamin B (B1, B6, B2) that helps boost energy and keep you energized throughout the journey, especially if it a long one or overnight journey. The vitamin also helps you get better sleep and wake up with a freshen feeling.

Chia seeds

Chia seeds are a great source of fibre and omega-3 fatty acids. They help you stay full for a long time without any side effects like bloating or indigestion. Add chia seeds to oats or your smoothies and enjoy your travel.

Peanut butter

The best way to eat peanut butter before travelling is by adding it to a chicken salad, sandwich or wrap. Peanut butter is a good way to save your day and healthily satisfy your night cravings.


Salty nutcrackers, rye crackers or granola crackers are the best options for a healthy and quick snack. They are useful especially when a person is getting late to catch his/her flight. They can simply grab these crackers and have it on the way to the airport.


They make for a great way to fill your body with essential nutrients as well as boost energy for wonderful flight experience. The big advantage of having smoothies are it is easy to prepare and quick-filling. One can also go for fresh smoothies available in the airport.


Flights have a tight space which does not allow passengers to sit comfortably. Many people tend to experience leg cramps due to this. Banana helps to combat these muscle cramps due to the presence of potassium, calcium and magnesium.


Maintaining the water level in our body is very essential before travelling. Water deficiency in the body can increase the risk of dehydration and cause symptoms like nausea, headache and migraines. Also, don’t overdose water as it may make you take more trips to the bathroom.