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Fully Refuel Smartphone Battery In Just A Minute

Smartphones have undeniably become a basic necessity in our fast-paced lives. From small screen mobile phones with keypads to clamshell foldable phones to big-screened smartphones; the mobile industry has seen significant growth. And you would agree that battery is one of the key elements one looks for while buying a smartphone.

Well, no one wants to get stranded in the hours of need with no battery in their smartphones. Nowadays, smartphone manufacturers are equipping their devices with bigger batteries so that users get maximum backup with minimum charging time. To further enhance the smartphone user experience, the majority of the brands out there have started offering fast charging support on their devices so that one can refuel the device quickly.

While manufacturers have focused primarily on the manufacturing of bigger batteries, there hasn’t been any development in the fast charging tech that can refuel a device under 5 minutes. But it seems that isn’t going to be the case going forward. Researchers are now working on a fast charging technology that is said to refuel a handset from 0 to 80 percent in just a minute. Professor Huang Yunhui from the University of Science and Technology of China revealed the new technology via a forum.

Called the “Construction and Synergy Mechanism of High-Performance Composite Electrode Materials For Energy Storage”, the project has been showcased at the Peeking University Global Alumni Forum on December 1, 2019. Its functionality seems to be based on nitrogen-dropped hard carbon anode material being used for charging. If this charger has the charging speeds as claimed, it will no doubt be a breakthrough in the fast charging technology.

Currently, Xiaomi is leading the charts with its 100W fast charging technology. However, the Chinese giant is yet to make this feature available for the masses on a wider scale. It is currently unknown by when we will get the aforementioned super-fast charger with a speed of charging 0 to 80 percent in just one minute.