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Global Hunger Index: India ranks 94 among 107 countries

NEW DELHI:  India’s rank in this year’s Global Hunger Index rose to 94 among 107 countries from 102 last year but it has performed worse than its neighbours Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan.

The index, which calculates the hunger levels and malnutrition across the world, was released on Friday. While Nepal and Bangladesh ranked 73 and 75 respectively, Pakistan ranked 88.

India’s hunger level is serious with a score of 27.2, according to the report jointly released by Welthungerhilfe and Concern Worldwide.

Activists working on the area of food security called the report indicative of the ground realities and said the government has failed to address the existing scale of hunger in the country.

The report assessed the condition for 132 countries but released the data for 107 countries. The Covid-19 pandemic has undermined food and nutrition security for many, and its effects will likely ripple into the future, said the report. The existing report is not reflective of the impact of Covid-19 on hunger and malnutrition, it added.