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Google’s Pixel 4 series is getting its first “Feature Drop”

Google’s Pixel 4 series is getting its first “Feature Drop”, that brings many new enhancements. These offerings include optimized cameras, end to robocalls, and improved video calls using Duo. Along with that, the brand is also bringing some new features to its older devices such as the Pixel 2, 3 and the 3a.

Google Pixel 4 users can now have control over the images they capture. After snapping several photos, you can turn them into portraits by just blurring the background, on your Pixel phones. This option doesn’t only comply with the newly captured images, rather you can also turn your years-old photos into portrait mode. Robocalls have always been problematic concerns to the users. These unknown calls often tamper the privacy of a user, in a motive to steal confidential data.

But, now these issues are fixed. With the latest update to Call Screen on Pixel 4 series, the Google Assistant will by default flash unknown or fake calls and will instantly remove these calls, hereby ensuring you won’t get such kind of calls. The updated Call Screen works in such a way that even when you do not get any robocall, the Assistant will still help in identifying who made the call and why. An interesting part of the Call Screen is it doesn’t require the internet to work on your phone. Pixel 4 series also got updated with new Duo features.

The devices get an auto-framing option that helps in positioning your face in the center during video calls. And, even though you attend the calls using Duo while moving, auto-framing will still keep your body in the center. Even though one or more people join you in the call, the wide-angle lens of your phones will by default auto-frame these people and keep them centrally aligned.   The improved Duo features also include good playback. This smoother audio is ensured by Duo’s machine learning model that cuts away distorted audio.