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Government asks NIA & CBI to sensitise courts on NGOs with anti-India agenda

NEW DELHI: The Centre has asked security agencies, both at the Central as well as state level, to sensitise the judiciary about non-government organisations (NGOs) and think-tanks which may be involved in anti-India activities.

Sources said on Wednesday that the Union government passed the directive after it found that many NGOs are indulging in campaigns against the country’s interest, leading to serious security problems.

The Central government has also directed security agencies to monitor the activities of such NGOs and think-tanks and accordingly prepare a detailed report and submit it to Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), said officials.

State police forces and central investigative agencies have been asked “to take initiative in sensitising the judiciary on activities of NGOs from the national security perspective,” sources said.

They added that the directive was “essential” as some NGOs, “in the guise of humanitarian work, carry out campaigns and mass mobilisation against the government.”

A senior government official said, “Judiciary needs to be apprised of the hidden agenda of such NGOs that indulge in subversion and public mobilisation with hidden agenda to destabilise the security of the country.”

According to sources, the Centre has asked agencies to pay special attention to the expanding tentacles of Naxal activities across India.

The MHA has stated that in the last five years, registration of more than 14,800 NGOs has been cancelled because they committed violations of the provisions of Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 2010.

In 2015-16, NGOs had received Rs 17,803.21 crore as foreign contribution, in 2016-17, it was Rs 15,343.15 crore and in 2017-18 it was Rs 16,894.37 crore.