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High oleic groundnuts to enter Indian markets

HYDERABAD: Two groundnut varieties with high oleic acid content, developed by ICAR and ICRISAT, will be released for commercial production soon. While the normally-produced groundnut have oleic acid content of 45-50 per cent, the new groundnut varieties have 80 per cent oleic acid, which is a mono-unsaturated fatty acid that has various health benefits including reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases.

The Variety Identification Committee has identified the two varieties as Girnar 4 (ICGV 15083) and Girnar 5 (ICGV 15090) with about 80 per cent oleic acid content. These two varieties were selected after multi-location testing conducted under the All-India Co-ordinated Research Project on Groundnut (AICRP-G) in 2017 and 2018. The AICRP-G is a government of India-led, multi-institutional research collaboration of multi-disciplinary teams across the ICAR-DGR, State Agricultural Universities and ICRISAT.

The two high oleic groundnut lines identified for release have kernel oleic acid content of about 80 per cent as against 40-50 per cent in the normal kernels. It reduces low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (‘bad’ cholesterol) and maintains high-density lipoproteins levels or ‘good’ cholesterol, making them far healthier.

“This is an exciting phase of groundnut breeding in India as the food processing industries in the US and Australia have successfully tapped the potential of high oleic groundnuts and actors across the value chains benefited. With food processors keen to source high oleic groundnuts from India for shelf-life benefits, this release can benefit many segments including farmers,” noted Dr Peter Carberry, Director General, ICRISAT.