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Hyderabad FC team bus driver ‘assaulted’ by traffic cops

HYDERABAD: A day after a bus driver of the Indian Super League team Hyderabad Football Club was allegedly assaulted by traffic police personnel here for “excessive” honking, the Cyberabad Traffic Police on Thursday termed the claims of manhandling by the team as ‘baseless.’

Police said a case was registered for causing noise pollution following “excessive” honking.

The incident happened on Wednesday night after the match between Hyderabad FC and North East United at Gachibowli stadium here after the driver indulged in excessive honking and disturbed and irritated others.

The Hyderabad FC team tweeted on its handle @Hyderabad F.C: “The bus driver of the Hyderabad FC team was physically assaulted by the traffic police for reasons unknown. The driver was beaten by the cop in front of the entire team and dragged by police.”