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iQOO To Disrupt Indian Smartphone Market With Premium Products

The ‘Premium Flagship Smartphone’ segment in India is mostly dominated by the likes of Apple, Samsung and OnePlus. These brands offer the most expensive handsets with best-in-class specifications and features. However, specifications alone do not always translate to premium user-experience. Moreover, even the most expensive smartphones these days lack innovation, leaving consumers with products that fail to offer out-of-the-box features. Well, iQOO is here to change it.

The company is all set to address the lack of differentiation in the smartphone market with its new offerings. iQOO will soon be introducing the disruptive product lineup, which is touted to offer innovative features that are not yet available in the premium and value flagship smartphone segment. Let’s find out more about the upcoming premium smartphone lineup.

iQOO should not be mistaken as vivo’s sub brand. It is a separate entity with a unique brand personality and proposition. The unique name, ‘iQOO’ defines the brand’s motto “I Quest on and on” which talks about the brand’s vision to constantly improve on products and the technology empowering them. iQOO intends to launch products that excel in camera, software and gaming capabilities to deliver an unmatched user experience to tech savvy millennials. One big focus of iQOO products is to engineer smartphones capable to deliver on uninterrupted content consumption.

Unlike vivo that mostly targets budget mid-range price categories, iQOO will launch smartphones in the premium segment to deliver an unmatched mobile user-experience. The brand’s philosophy is to introduce products that will enable consumers to upgrade to premium smartphone segment at an affordable price point. This suggests that iQOO smartphones will carry an affordable price-tag despite offering best-in-class specifications and features.

iQOO is planning to launch smartphones with an impressive mix of best-in-class performance and industry-first specifications. We might also get to see a refreshed feel to the stock Android user experience with the company’s upcoming devices. iQOO can launch several smartphones under iQOO and iQOO Neo series, which have already disrupted the premium smartphone segment in China. As per reports, the company sold more than 200,000 devices of iQOO Pro 5G handset in just 4 hours.

The first product from the house of iQOO will mark a paradigm shift in the Indian smartphone market. As per reports, this upcoming iQOO smartphone will be the first commercially available 5G smartphone in the country. The 5G network is yet to roll out in the country and when it will, the iQOO users will be the first ones to make the most out of the faster networks. iQOO smartphones will offer the best consumer experience on 5G networks. The handsets will utilize faster networks to offer a buffer-free video streaming and lag-free gameplay for an uninterrupted content consumption experience.