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Land dispute leaves 30 families homeless in Bengaluru

BENGALURU: A dispute between two people over a piece of land has rendered around 30 families homeless at Munnekolala near Marathahalli in Mahadevapura zone.

Those who lost their homes alleged that local goons came on Thursday morning and demolished their houses even as they were inside.

During the demolition, the goons misbehaved with them and manhandled them, leaving a six-month-old child injured, they alleged. The angry and scared dwellers have sought the help of the Marathahalli police.

Ravi, a labour contractor (thekedar) and resident of the place said that a group of locals surrounded the area with three earthmovers and started demolishing the shelters.

“When we asked for a reason, they said that the landowner had told them to get the area cleared. We said that we had been staying here for years and had been paying rent on time, but they did not listen. So we called the police. But, by that time, 30 homes were already demolished and our belongings were thrown in the open drains and strewn everywhere,” he said.