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Man held in Pune for impersonating Ajit Pawar and intervening in dispute

PUNE: A 25-year-old man has been arrested in the district for posing as Maharashtra deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar and calling a family and asking them to settle a property dispute, police said on Thursday.

There was a dispute in a family in Khadaki village of Daund tehsil where one daughter-in-law wanted to sell ancestral property while another was against it, a police official said.

“The accused (name not disclosed), who lives in the same village, called up a member of the family on September 2. He introduced himself as Ajit Pawar and said the family should allow the sale of the property,” the official said.

The family realized it was a bogus call and approached the police who zeroed in on the caller.

The accused admitted that he made the call posing as Pawar, and claimed that he only wanted to “scare” the family, the official said.

“We booked him under IPC sections 170 (personating a public servant) and 507 (criminal intimidation by an anonymous communication) and further probe is on,” he added.