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Netflix Rolls Out New Feature To Discover Most Popular Content

Netflix, one of the most popular OTT globally, produces a lot of original series across genres. However, this involves a lot of combined algorithms to determine what the viewer likes best. It depends on the previous views, search results, notify-me options, and so on. A new Netflix feature reveals some of the most popular shows and movies.

Let’s admit it. The hoards of content available on Netflix make it hard to filter out what we might enjoy and what we won’t. The discovery process for users hoping to find some of the next best show on the service can be quite tricky at times. The new Netflix feature helps users to find some of the most popular shows and movies.

The Netflix home screen will now display the top 10 most popular content, but the feature is only restricted to users in the US. The list of the most popular movies and shows will change daily depending on what’s most popular on the platform. Of course, this is different from the ‘trending now’ category that varies from user to user. “The position of the row will vary depending on how relevant the shows and films are to you,” Netflix said in a blog post. This means that if the user’s preference doesn’t match the high-ranking show, Netflix is less likely to promote the list to the user.

Netflix’s most popular list will be visible on the main page and will showcase the top 10 lists, which will have their respective spots on the TV and movie tabs. The platform will deploy algorithms to place these contents with special badges. This will place them in a special spot on the Netflix platform. Once again, this may not be completely accurate. For a platform that’s overflowing with content, it certainly has something for everyone. The new most popular feature will aid in discovering good content or at least help filter the most popular ones. The company aims to make the discovery process a better one for users.