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New Double-Decker Train Developed By RCF Kapurthala

The Indian Railways recently introduced a new semi high-speed double-decker train coach. The brand new double-decker coach is said to have been developed by RCF (Rail Coach Factory), Kapurthala and can run at a top speed of 160km/h.

As per the information released by RCF (Kapurthala) and the Indian Railways, the new double-decker train coach is said to be capable of carrying 120 passengers. This includes 50 passengers on the upper deck and 48 passengers at the lower deck.

The train also has a middle deck at the back of the coach, which further has space to accommodate 22 more passengers, with 16 seats on one side and remaining 6 seats on the other.

As per the Indian Railways, the double-decker train coach has been innovated and developed indigenously by Rail Coach Factory, Kapurthala. The coach will be sent to the Research & Design Standard Organisation (RSDO) which will conduct safety trials before the coach can be put to commercial use.

The Indian Railways has also released a video, which showcases the many features the double-decker coach will offer. The video showcases the double-decker coach with optimised aisle width, plush interior seats with recline function, overhead luggage racks and LED destination board. The coach also comes with passenger-centric features such as GPS-based information system and mobile & laptop charging sockets.

The coach also uses an air suspension system, which ensures passengers get a comfortable ride, while also reaching their destinations faster. The double-decker coach also has an air-conditioned cabin for added passenger comfort.