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Next-gen USB 4 standard announced, promises 40Gbps transfer speed


Next-gen USB 4 standard announced, promises 40Gbps transfer speed

In a major development, the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) has announced USB 4 as the next-generation of USB connectivity.

The new standard is twice as fast as the current USB 3.2 connectors and promises a whopping 40Gbps of data transfer speed, The Verge reported.

Notably, this is also what you get on the current Thunderbolt 3.

Here’s all about the new standard.

USB 4 builds atop Intel’s Thunderbolt 3

The new USB 4 standard offers the same speed as Thunderbolt 3 because it builds on the latter.
Basically, Intel has offered the technology behind the Thunderbolt standard to chipmakers without any royalty, which has led to the development of USB 4.

The chipmaker, according to The Verge, made this move in a bid to increase the adoption of Thunderbolt 3’s infrastructure.

USB 4 can run two 4k displays at same time

The next-gen connectivity standard will deliver 40Gbps and transfer all your movies and music in a matter of seconds.

It will exclusively use USB-C ports to deliver 100 watts of power and offer support to run external graphics cards, two 4k displays simultaneously or a single 5k panel.

Prior to this, such capabilities could have been achieved only on Thunderbolt 3 ports.

However, you will need USB 4 compatible cables

As of now, USB 4 standard has only been detailed in a draft specification but will go official by the end of this year.

In the upcoming official announcement, we may learn more about the standard and its capabilities.

Either way, as the new standard is open and royalty-free, we expect to see it on more devices in the coming years.