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Ninebot Go-Kart Pro ‘Lamborghini Edition’ Introduced

Xiaomi, the Chinese tech giant recently introduced their Ninebot Go-Kart Pro in a special Lamborghini-Edition. The Ninebot Go-Kart Pro Lamborghini Edition takes inspiration from the Italian brand’s Huracan supercar.

The go-kart comes with an electric powertrain. The Lamborghini edition features a bunch of special features and equipment. This includes ‘Ice Lake Blue’ LED headlamps, a racing steering wheel and a small spoiler at the back.

The Go-Kart is made up of a high-strength steel frame, which offers good rigidity allowing the go-kart to handle road impacts even at high-speeds. The Ninebot also comes with an anti-collision front lip and aerodynamic-shaped side skirt, which help cushion any impact and provide driver safety.

The electric go-kart also comes with speakers which replicate the exhaust note of the V10 engine on the Huracan and also custom tyres, making the electric go-kart easier to drift. The Lamborghini-edition Ninebot Go-Kart also comes in a Giallo Orion (Yellow) paint scheme, similar to that on the Huracan.

The Ninebot electric go-kart seat one person and comes with a load capacity of 99kg, allowing people of all ages to drive it around. The electric powertrain on the Ninebot uses a 432 Wh battery pack, which provides 25km of range of 62 laps of a 400-metre go-karting track. The go-kart can also accelerate to a top speed of 40km/h; 4.8km/h faster than the standard model.

The Lamborghini edition of the Ninebot Go-Kart Pro is priced at approximately Rs 1.08 lakh (around $1,440), which is said to be Rs 15,000 than the standard model. The Go-Kart is currently available only in the Chinese market at the moment, however, Xiaomi is said to introduce the Lamborghini Edition of the Ninebot Go-Kart Pro in international markets at a slightly later stage.