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Norway Based CityQ Electric Vehicle Is Expected To Arrive In India

A Scandinavian startup, CityQ plans to enter the Indian market with an electric quadricycle called the ‘eBike’. It is expected to arrive with two versions of the eBike called the for personal use and a Cargo variant for commercial applications.

The company has been developing the product with experts and international partners from both four-wheeler and two-wheeler communities. It is has been designed to function similar to a car.

The CityQ ebike feature pedals but do not feature a chain drive to power the wheels. Instead, the company uses software to help with power transmission. It also eliminates the use of mechanical components that is subjected to usual wear and tear.

It also features a host of drive modes like reverse, cruise control, regenerating brakes, heavy cargo mode, and automatic gearing. The electric-quadricycle also of features a smartphone application to open/lock, track and even rent the eBike.

Speaking about the powertrain on the CityQ eBike it features a two-way side-mounted 48V/ 125W electric motors that are paired to an 800W lithium-polymer battery pack. It features a claimed driving range of 70kms to 100kms from a single charge and can reach a top speed limited to 25km/h.

The eBike features a rotating side doors that can be either partly or fully enclosed, the capacity to transport passengers as well as cargo rear seat for children, a storage compartment, cruise control and an enclosed cabin for weather protection; among others. It weighs 70kg and features a Composite and Aluminium chassis with 20 inches wheels.

Priced for the CityQ in Norway started at 7,450 Euros which is around Rs 6.3 lakh. However, the company has said that it is planning to introduce lower variants. The company has received close to 500 preorder requests within a month.