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Old buses in Bengaluru to turn into creches for construction workers’ kids

BENGALURU: Children of construction workers spend almost the entire day at the worksite while their parents toil in the sun. In order to provide a more comfortable environment for these children, the state government is planning to start mobile creches for them near construction sites.

The Labour Department is starting the first mobile creche service in Bengaluru.

A large number of people migrate from throughout the country to Karnataka, especially Bengaluru, in search of work. From apartment complexes, commercial establishments to roads, lakhs of people and their families are dependent on construction work. For the most part, all the family members work at the site while the children play outside. For the most part, their play area is unhygienic and even dangerous.

A source from the Labour Department said, “We are planning to take old BMTC and KSRTC buses that are discarded. We will procure them and give them a new look with the help of artists. Toys and books will be kept inside the buses. It will be made colourful to attract kids and will have a children-friendly atmosphere. These creches will be given to NGOs who will run them. We are also planning to give healthy snacks to the children in the morning.”

The creches will all be close to construction sites so that the parents can come and watch at their children. “Since construction works take place for months together, these creches will be parked next to the construction sites for months,” the source added.


Rajya Sabha member G Chandrashekar has given Rs 25 lakh from his MP fund. This will be used to procure buses, renovate them and later hand them over to NGOs. Chief Secretary T M Vijay Bhaskar has given a nod to procure 100 buses which will be used across the state, mainly in Bengaluru.

There was a proposal for tent schools for these children too. “But this is not feasible and is unsafe during rains. Therefore, we decided to make use of discarded buses instead,” an official said.

The Confederation of Real Estate Developers Association of India (CREDAI), Bengaluru chapter, Suresh Hari said this is a welcome move, provided they run efficiently. “This should not be a namesake project. If works, it will help,” he said.