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Omnisd App Download For Jio Phone: What Is Omnisd App? How To Download Omnisd On Jio Phone?

Jio Phones are immensely popular, thanks to their features like 4G internet, music, YouTube, and a very cheap price. The Jio Phones run on KaiOS and users can’t download the Android apps on their phones. However, users can also use android apps through the Omnisd app. Notably, the third-party app has still not officially launched. Here are the details to download the Omnisd app for Jio Phone.

Omnisd App is a third-party app that will help you download various android apps on your Jio phone. With help of this app, Jio users can enjoy other applications that are not available in Jio Store.

You cannot download it directly on your Jio phone. You need a computer or laptop to download the Omnisd App. Follow this step to download the app:
Step 1: Connect your Jio Phone to your Computer or Laptop.
Step 2: Download the Omnisd Zip File on your system and then transfer it on your Jio phone.
Step 3: Then transfer the Omnisd Zip File to the SD card.
Step 4: Turn on your phone and click update from SD card.
Step 5: Lastly, select the folder where moved the zip file and finally click the back button to install. Now if you want, you can use Instagram, the Hotspot app on your Jio phone as well.