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One of the biggest TSD

The 2019 edition of the Mahindra Monsoon Challenge was held in the first week of July between the 5th to 7th. The Monsoon Challenge 2019 is one of the biggest TSD (Time, Speed & Distance) Rally held in the country. We got the opportunity to participate in the rally which included two days of navigating through the beautiful western ghats.

The event started off from the coastal city of Mangalore and concluded in the hilltops of Ooty. The event was held across two days, with the first day consisting of a drive from Mangalore to Mysore covering a total distance of 360km. The second day saw participants driving a total of 240km starting off from Mysore and concluding the rally at Ooty.

TSD or Time-Speed-Distance Rally is a class of rally which doesn’t depend on speed alone, unlike other motorsport events. A TSD rally involves participants completing the entire course adhering to a specific speed limit for various distances.

Along the way, secret checkpoints are placed at different intervals to note the time taken to cover the distance. Penalty points are awarded for coming in too quick as well as coming in late. However, participants coming in early will receive double penalty points. Also, this type of rally relies heavily on the navigators as there is no fixed route to reach the final destination. Each team is handed over a ‘Road Book’ which offers precise navigation to be followed by the participants. The book also comes with a speed chart, which the participants have to strictly adhere to as well. The rally is further organised by the Indian Motor Sports Club (IMSC) and is approved by FMSCI, the governing body of Motorsports in India.

Monsoon Challenge is held by Mahindra Adventures and is open specifically for Mahindra owners alone. The rally itself consists of three main categories: Professional, Amateurs and Open and four other sub-categories of Corporate, Doctors, Ladies and Media. This year, Mahindra Adventures recorded a participation of over 40 teams (each team consisting of two people: Driver and Navigator). The participants can take part in a maximum of two categories, one from the main list and one from the sub-categories list. The winner of the TSD rally at the end will receive a cash price of Rs 5.5 lakh.