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Orxa Energies revealed the Mantis electric performance motorcycle at India Bike Week 2019

Orxa Energies revealed the Mantis electric performance motorcycle at India Bike Week 2019. The electric performance motorcycle from Bangalore-based EV start-up Orxa Energies was revealed to biking enthusiasts at the sixth edition of India Bike Week.

India Bike Week is one of the go-to destinations for bikers from around the country thanks to the atmosphere it provides. It is the largest motorcycling fest in India and thousands throng the venue. However, electric vehicles are a rare sight at IBW.

What one will find in abundance are joy-bringing, rev-happy machines bouncing off the rev-limiter. However, given the direction in which the automotive industry across the world is heading, electric vehicles must start making appearances at such events too. Hence, it was befitting for the Orxa Mantis to be revealed at IBW 2019.

Orxa Energies is a Bangalore-based EV start-up founded in 2015 and is part of the Airbus BizLab acceleration program that supports entrepreneurs. Its founders Ranjita Ravi, Prajwal Sabnis and Amrudesh Santhanam came together to set up the company with a vision to develop an electric performance motorcycle.

The vision is coming to reality through the Orxa Mantis. The Orxa Mantis is a unique motorcycle and stands out when it comes to the design styling. Up front, it features twin projector headlamps with the projector units exposed. Under the projectors are two extensions.

The bodywork near the tank, fairing and rear-end are all sharp and edgy. Orxa did not reveal details of the powertrain used in the Mantis, but did mention that it will have brilliant performance figures.

Orxa claims that the Mantis will have a top speed of around 140km/h and a range of 200 kilometres on one fully-charged battery. The six batteries in the motorcycle can all be charged from 0-100 percent in around four hours.

The Orxa Mantis features battery-swapping technology. It’s side panels are motorised and open to reveal the batteries which can then be swapped if required. It will be a connected motorcycle with a digital instrument cluster that connects to a smartphone app to relay motorcycle and ride statistics. Orxa also said that it has developed a lithium-ion battery pack which can also be supplied to other companies.