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PM Imran Khan tells overseas Pakistanis to learn from Indian diaspora

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday urged the Pakistani diaspora to emulate overseas Indians and Chinese who have invested heavily in their motherland while assuring them a corruption-free environment to boost the cash-strapped country’s economy.

Addressing a ceremony here to mark the Anti-corruption Day, Khan said Pakistan was facing an existential threat due to rampant corruption.

“The money that we had to spend on the education of youth, research and higher education, has been spent to make palaces across the seas and fill hefty bank accounts,” he said.

He lamented that Pakistani people were unaware of the dire consequences corruption could have on their lives.

“People don’t understand the relation between corruption and their lives- corruption badly affects them,” Khan said.

“Overseas Chinese invested in China, & overseas Indians invested in India; their economies boomed,” Khan was quoted as saying by the official Twitter account of the ruling Tehreek-e-Insaf party.

“Overseas Pakistanis are our great asset. I am connected with them. They are reluctant to invest in Pakistan because of corruption and bribery,” the prime minister said.

The contributions of the Non-Resident Indians in the growth of the Indian economy has been significant.

Last year, the World Bank estimated India’s remittances to be the highest in the world, standing at USD 79 billion, followed by China and Mexico at USD 67 billion and USD 36 billion respectively.

Khan said the corrupt launder their illegal wealth outside the country, which in turn leads to devaluation and rise in inflation.