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PUBG Mobile Royale Pass 10 With New Weapons, Modes, And Character

PUBG Mobile has finally received its latest 0.15.5 update which comes with a lot of new addition to the gameplay. The update also brings the new Season 10 bundled with new content, character, weapons, and more. The game servers are not taken down for maintenance, unlike previous updates. The update size for Android devices will be 0.21GB and for iPhone users will require 0.24GB of storage to update the game.

Do note that players who update the game before November 14 will be entitled to get 20 silver coins, blue glider trail, and 2,000 BP for free. PUBG Mobile Season 10 comes with Royale Pass which is titled as Fury of the Wasteland. It comes with an all-new user interface, new rewards, and you can also gift a Royale Pass to your friend. Moreover, the update has added the Ruins map exclusive to the Team Deathmatch mode. “Mysterious ancient ruins are hidden in a rainforest. With dense vegetation and winding paths, it’s up to the players to go head-to-head with enemies, or work together to set up a stronghold!” reads the patch note.

The 0.15.5 update also arrives with a new Vikendi submachine gun called MP5K which is a portable SMG that only appears in Vikendi, replacing Vector. It delivers a high rate of fire at 900 RPM with anti-recoil capabilities. You can add attachments with this gun like Tactical Stock, Mags, Attachments, Scopes, Foregrips, and Laser Sights.

As reported and rumored earlier, a new character Sara who is vehicle engineer is added to the gameplay which comes with benefits like, vehicle enhancement, reduces the damage taken by vehicles when she is driving or riding in a vehicle in EVO Modes. When it comes to vehicles, then we must note that the UAZ in Vikendi is replaced by Zima with the new update. The patch note suggests that Zima is slower than other vehicles but it comes with more resistant to damage. Users can use this vehicle as cover for open field battle where covers are less.