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Redmi Note 10 Display Technology Teased

As we inch closer to the launch of the Redmi Note 10 smartphone series in India, the company has gone a step ahead and made a poll on social media. The poll asks users if they like to have a high refresh rate IPS LCD panel on the Redmi Note 10 or an AMOLED display.

Redmi Note 10 will have a better display when compared to its predecessor — the Redmi Note 9, which came with a 60Hz IPS LCD screen. Decoding the tweets reveals that the Redmi Note 10 will either have a 120Hz IPS LCD screen or a 60Hz AMOLED screen.

In either case, the screen is likely to offer FHD+ resolution, which has been a long tradition in the Redmi Note series of smartphones, starting with the Redmi Note 5 Pro, launched back in February 2018.

Nevertheless, the Redmi Note 10 will have one of the best screens on a mid-range smartphone, priced around Rs. 20,000. According to early leaks, we already know that we can expect as many as four new models from the Redmi Note 10 series, two being 5G models accompanied by their 4G counterparts.

 The very same leak also suggests that the Redmi Note 10 series of smartphones will launch on March 10, and the company is yet to confirm this. The Redmi Note series has been one of the successful franchise from Xiaomi India, and the company is likely to continue this streak with the Redmi Note 10 series of smartphones as well.

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