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Restrictions in Jammu lifted

SRINAGAR: Restrictions imposed in Jammu have been completely lifted but curbs will continue in some places in Kashmir for a while longer, a senior Jammu and Kashmir police officer said on Wednesday and emphasised that the situation is totally under control.

There have been no major injuries to anyone, Additional Director General Munir Khan said.

He added that there a few pellet injuries in the Valley but those have been treated.

“Restrictions imposed in Jammu have been completely removed. They will continue in some places of Kashmir for sometime,” he told reporters.

According to Khan, there were localised incidents in various parts of Srinagar and other districts in the Valley.

But these were contained and dealt with locally.

“Our biggest endeavour is to ensure there is no civilian casualty,” he said.

Asked about the number of people detained, Khan said he would not talk about individuals.

“In a law and order situation like this, there are different kinds of detention. Preventive detention to ensure the established miscreants do not vitiate the peaceful atmosphere. So you have to take preventive steps,” he said.