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Shahrukh Khan: I’m Very Arrogant; You Can’t Tell Me What Not To Tell My Wife, I Guard That Jealously

Throwback Tuesday is here and we’re here with an old interview of Shahrukh Khan wherein, the actor had admitted that when it comes to personal things, he’s very arrogant and one should never advise him about his personal things. While speaking to NDTV 24×7’s Managing Editor Sonia Singh, when SRK was asked to comment on his smoking controversy and does he think being an actor it’s his responsibilty to not influence his fans in a wrong way, here’s what the superstar had said..SRK said, “As an actor, my duty is to act and I am true believer of that. See, I cannot dilute what I do by having too many things on my mind. I do not any which way endorse smoking or any other ill habit which is socially wrong and I tell children all the time, please do not smoke because it is the worst.”
“But I do not like anyone telling me personally what to do and what not to do. I guard that very, very strongly. There are times when I know the vulnerability of being a star leads to certain comments and things. I will not apologise for that.”
“I am very arrogant about those things, the personal things. You cannot tell me how to earn a packet, you cannot tell me what to eat, what to wear, what not to say my wife, these are personal things. I guard that very jealously. Besides that, as a duty, I think my foremost duty is to act.”
“There are some parameters I have set to myself. I will not use a certain kind of language in a movie. This year, I would like to dedicate myself to make movies for kids, not childish movies but a movie for kids, take technology of Indian cinema further.””But apart from that, if I am called upon to do a public service message, I do it. I do not know what duties I should follow. I think each one of us has been made by God to do one thing, and we should concentrate on that.”
“I have just about started doing the acting right, so I do not want to lose out the opportunity of learning more. But if I am ever called for my viewpoints, I do not say them – not because I am a hypocrite or coward, but because they get misinterpreted.””Smoking in a pubic place can get misinterpreted, being at a cricket match can be misinterpreted. So I am not going to say something which is very strong politically, which will get misinterpreted because half the people think that I am very close to the Congress and I am going to join politics.”