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Simple Energy Electric Scooter ARAI Range Announced

Bangalore based electric scooter startup, Simple Energy, announced its latest achievement of driving range confirmed by ARAI. According to the company, the electric scooter travelled over 230 kilometres on a single battery charge, while testing at (ARAI) Automotive Research Association of India.

The company also announced that the prototype electric scooter was being tested in ECO mode. The electric scooter features a 4-kilowatt hour battery pack that has been developed in-house by Simple Energy.

According to the company, the electric scooter is also capable of reaching a top speed of 103km/h, breaking the 100km/h barrier. The charging time for the electric scooter as rated by the company is 40 minutes and 17-minutes via a home charger and fast charger, respectively.
The electric scooter is claimed to have a 0 to 50km/h acceleration time of 3.6 seconds, which will make it one among the fastest e-scooter when launched. Other features include an IP67-rated touchscreen display along with connected technology. Simple Energy also states that the electric scooter will be localized between 80 and 90 per cent for manufacturing.
The founders Suhas & Shreshth have completed “Mark 1” prototype of the electric scooter on their own. However, the team has been working on developing the production model ‘Mark 2′ and are actively looking to raise investments.
The Founder of Simple Energy, Mr Suhas Rajkumar says, “There exists a humongous gap between what the consumers want and what they receive. In the past, there was no electric two-wheeler Indian brand addressing the pain points of long-range, fast charging, value for money electric scooters.”
He further added, “We identified these pain points and have been relentlessly working towards it. We started Simple Energy with a mission and the response we have received from the people is unbelievable, we have received over 1000 people enquiring for pre-booking for our Mark 2 when it is still in development.”