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Sonia to reboot Congress as state elections near

NEW DELHI: With Sonia Gandhi back as interim president, the Congress needs to do a holding operation, riven as it is with desertions, factionalism and general disenchantment after over two months of drift. And the upcoming Assembly elections in three states will be her first test.

Sonia’s name was proposed by senior leader P Chidambaram as the Congress Working Committee (CWC) meeting on Saturday found there was no consensus on anyone else.

While a few CWC members worried about her ability to take the load because of her ill health, Sonia reluctantly gave her consent.

Now, the biggest challenge before her is to set the house in order in the poll-bound states of Jharkhand, Haryana and Maharashtra. While the party has named its poll panel in Maharashtra, it is struggling to do so in Haryana and Jharkhand because of factionalism.

A top party functionary was optimistic on everyone falling in line with Sonia at the helm, though revamping the party would be a challenge.