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Three Indians suspected to be Pakistani spies arrested

CHANDIGARH: Three alleged Pakistani spies were arrested from the army cantonment at Hisar in Haryana for supplying secret information to their handlers in the neighbouring country.

Sources said that the state police have arrested Mehtab (28), Ragib (34) of Muzaffarpur and Khalid (25) of Shamli in Uttar Pradesh on Thursday.

The army police and intelligence were keeping an eye on them for the past week due to suspected movements. The army police have apprehended and handed them over to the Haryana Police.

The ‘spies’ were hired by the authorities last through a contract to work as labourers in the under-construction canteen mess building.

Their activities were deemed suspicious as they recorded videos and clicked photos, which have now been seized by the police.

A Pakistani number has also been retrieved from their phones with which they established contact through WhatsApp. However, it couldn’t be traced.

It is believed to be number of their handler who works for the Pakistani Army.

Mehtab is suspected to be the main man among the three accused arrested and Khalid was trying to mislead the investigation agencies.

All three of them are being questioned by the security and intelligence agencies and have been giving different statements, said sources.

Meanwhile, a 38-year-old Pakistani national Yaqub has been apprehended by the Border Security Force (BSF) in the Ferozepur sector of the Indo-Pak intentional border when was trying to enter India.

The intruder was caught by the 118 battalions of BSF. He is still in the custody of the BSF and is being questioned.