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To Bluetooth device pairing issues in windows 10

Bluetooth made tangles of wire a thing of the past. It survived through various iterations of phones and computers. The whole thing becomes much easier because Bluetooth drivers are preinstalled on all devices and this saves you the task of dealing with any third-party software. In addition to being able to share files easily, you can also connect your devices to each other.
This mantra is the solution for issues of all sorts. If you are facing issues with your Bluetooth, try turning your computer on and off and this is very likely to solve your problems.
If turning your computer off and then on doesn’t do the trick, turning off the Bluetooth device and then turning it back on again should resolve the issue.
There are instances where the problem maker might be with one of the Bluetooth devices, if this is the case, remove it from the paired devices and then pair it again. Follow the steps below to unpair a Bluetooth device:
Step 1: Access Settings on your Windows PC and then go to Devices.
Step 2: Click on Devices and you will see a list of paired devices here. Click on the device that’s giving you trouble and hit the Remove device button. Step 3: Repair the Bluetooth device.