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Toyota fortuner caught for unpaid speeding tickets

The digitization of police forces across various parts of the country as they become more active on social media has led them to adopt more modern ways of issuing fines, causing a rise in the number of fines in the recent past. However, citizens too have started using social media platforms to report any wrongdoings of other motorists on the roads and this includes government officials and policemen as well.

Something similar happened to the municipal corporation commissioner in Hyderabad, IAS officer M Dana Kishore, who had to pay fines worth Rs 6,210 after his vehicle was reported on social media.The commissioner and the municipal corporation faced a major embarrassment because of the issue. The vehicle with the official number plate TS09FA4248 which is a white-coloured Toyota Fortuner became viral on the Internet with netizens posting images of the pending fines as well.

The violations carried out by the Toyota Fortuner were all of over-speeding and dangerous driving. The Toyota Fortuner had six instances on the official Hyderabad Traffic Police page that showed the vehicle with pending over-speeding challans.

According to reports, Kishore is driven around by his driver and he himself does not drive the vehicle.

According to the Traffic Police, a majority of the violations took place near Chennama Hotel, which falls under the Rajender Nagar traffic police, while two other violations took place under Shamshabad traffic police jurisdiction. Vanasthali Puram Traffic police too issued a fine for overspeeding/dangerous driving near the Hyderabad’s outer ring road. The car was even fined at the Gachobowli junction.

Turns out, the commissioner paid the fines immediately after he learnt about it from social media.

One should remember that pending fines can often add up to become large numbers and it is advisable that motorists check for online pending challans every now and then.