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Vikas Dubey’s mother urges other son to appear before police; video goes viral

LUCKNOW: In a video that went viral on Wednesday, mother of slain gangster Vikas Dubey is seen urging her other son, Deep Prakash, to appear before the police.

“Deep Prakash, wherever you are, come before the police. You can call me, wherever you are. Your life will be saved. Will you come when your children and wife will be killed? What will happen then? Will you come when everything will go for a toss?” Sarla Dubey says in the video in Hindi.

“You are innocent, you have done nothing. Nothing will happen to you. Do not run because of your brother, you will not be able to save yourself,” she adds.

According to police officials in Kanpur, Deep Prakash has been absconding since July 2-3 when an ambush took place in Bikru village leading to the death of eight policemen.

The police said a complaint had been filed against the slain gangster and Deep Prakash at the Krishnanagar Police Station by a Lucknow-based trader Vineet Pandey.

Pandey alleged that the brothers took away his car which he had purchased in an auction in 2009 and threatened to kill him.

On delay in filing the complaint, Pandey said he visited the accused’s house in Krishnanagar several times, requesting them to return his vehicle.

He also claimed that he saw a photograph of his car on a social media platform following which he decided to lodge a police complaint.

Police had conducted a raid at Vikas Dubey’s Krishnanagar residence on July 4 and seized two Ambassador cars and a motorcycle. A police official posted in the Krishnanagar Police Station said a case was registered against Deep Prakash under IPC section 420 (cheating) on July 5.

A reward of Rs 20,000 has also been announced for his arrest, he added.

Vikas Dubey, the prime accused in the killing of the eight policemen in Kanpur’s Bikru village on July 3, was killed in a police encounter on July 10.