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We will sacrifice ourselves

SRINAGAR: “Bakrid is about sacrifice and this Eid, we will sacrifice ourselves because our lives are the only thing that the government is yet to take away. We have been robbed of our rights, even basic rights. What will we celebrate this time and with whom?” wondered Ghulam Mehmood.

Many others here echoed Ghulam. This Eid-ul-Zuha will be the first big test for security forces as well as the locals after the annulling of special privileges under Article 370.

The fact that this is the first Eid in the last 30 years when all modes of communication have been disabled is adding to anxiety among the locals.

While the local administration has been making announcements that it will help people offer Eid namaz, fear, tension and uncertainty are palpable.

Under normal circumstances, a few days before Eid, people visit their loved ones and relatives. But this time, people have been unable to even contact their relatives and family members.

Those either studying or working outside Kashmir usually visit their families on Eid. But this time, many have chosen to stay away. And the lucky ones who managed to contact their family members living outside Kashmir asked them not come home.