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Why Does Hunger Cause Headache? Causes, Symptoms

Headache is one of the common health issues, which can be due to serious underlying conditions such as migraine or due to a very simple cause i.e hunger. Hunger headache occurs mainly when you skip meals, particularly breakfast, and did not eat enough food for a long time.

Causes Of Hunger Headache

Factors like dehydration, lack of food and lack of caffeine cause low glucose levels in the body which may trigger a headache. This happens when the brain senses low glucose levels and releases certain hormones like glucagon, cortisol and adrenaline to recover from hypoglycemia or low glucose levels.

As a side effect of these hormones, a headache occurs along with a feeling of fatigue, dullness or nausea. Also, dehydration, lack of caffeine and lack of food cause brain tissues to tighten thus, activating the pain receptors to cause a headache. To mention, the intensity of headache increases in people who have stress or diabetes. A study says that headache worsens by 93 per cent in people who have stress compared to 58 per cent in people who do not have stress. Hunger and stress can also proceed to trigger a migraine or tension-type headache attacks.

Symptoms Of Hunger Headache

The symptoms of hunger headache are characterised by the feeling of pressure on the sides and forehead along with tension on the shoulders and the neck. Apart from these, other symptoms that follow hunger headache include the following:

Stomach growling or rumbling


Shivering of hand


Stomach pain



Sensation of cold