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Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha 2 Concept Renders Show Same Design As Mi MIX Alpha

 Xiaomi announced the launch of the Mi MIX Alpha, the concept phone. The device comes with a wraparound display, which is futuristic. While this smartphone looks way too much like a gadget from the future, there are mixed reviews for this with some waiting to get their hands on it and others thinking its highly impractical.

Within weeks of the launch of Mi MIX Alpha, people have started talking about its next-generation model codenamed Papyrus. Believed to be called Mi MIX Alpha 2 or Mi MIX Alpha P, the designer Batyrkhan Bayaliev from Kyrgyzstan has come up with a concept of this smartphone. It is envisioned with two scroll-like mechanisms at the sides.

Basically, the concept has been visualized with almost the same design as its predecessor. The device appears to have the screen almost all over it except for the top and bottom. The screen continues to the sides and at the rear as well. The display’s screen space seems to be lesser than that of the first-generation model. On the whole, it has been envisioned to be a narrow smartphone rolling towards the sides and capable of becoming a larger tablet.

It is possible to make it compact by taking the idea of the Galaxy Fold. The device can be made narrower by letting the screen roll like a scroll on both side axis. The flexible OLED display can be expanded to make it a tablet of 7 or 8 inches.