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Xiaomi unveiled the next iteration of its custom ROM, MIUI 11

Xiaomi unveiled the next iteration of its custom ROM, MIUI 11. This update brings many new features and improvements that were highly anticipated by users. Now, the company has released a new version of MIUI launcher for MIUI 11. What’s interesting is that the launcher brings the app drawer feature.

Finally, the update brings the much-awaited MIUI 11 launcher with an app drawer to let users scroll through apps. The app drawer arranges the most commonly used apps and recently installed apps at the top. The other apps are arranged in alphabetical order for the users to look out for them easily. Xiaomi has confirmed the presence of an app drawer feature via a Weibo post.

Previously, MIUI launcher let the apps to be placed on the home screens just like on iOS. With the latest version of MIUI 11 launcher, there is an option for users to choose between the previous layout or the app drawer. So, if you prefer having all the apps on the home screen of your phone, then you can continue using it the same way. Xiaomi users who wanted to have an app drawer that displays all applications as in stock Android and select apps on the main home screen will welcome the updated launcher. There is an option in Settings that is similar to that of Poco Launcher. It lets users enable the app drawer in the MIUI 11 launcher.

The company has already rolled out this update and the updated launcher for MIUI 11 will reach all the eligible Xiaomi devices in the coming days. Earlier, the same feature was under testing on beta for a few weeks. For now, the new launcher is available in China along with the latest version of MIUI. It remains to be seen when the company will rollout the same to the other countries including India.