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YouTube to add fact checks to controversial search topics


With the rise in YouTube consumption, there’s also a significant rise in the spread of misinformation through fake videos carrying unverified content. In a bid to curb the menace, YouTube is reportedly adding a new feature that will help users sift out fake misinformation from authentic content.

YouTube will now start showing information panel containing factual information when people search for topics that are prone to misinformation. As Buzzfeed reports, the feature is currently being rolled out to the limited number of users in India for search queries in English and Hindi.

The factual information, provided by YouTube’s verified fact-checking partners, will show right in the search results instead of on individual videos for faster identification of wrongful content.
In the US, YouTube fights misinformation by including links to Wikipedia excerpts on conspiracy theory videos. In India, the challenge is different as millions of users are consuming information through YouTube videos instead of reading the text and using the video platform as a search engine.