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Zee Telugu announces World Television Premiere of Sumanth Starrer Subramanyapuram


Hyderabad: Zee Telugu announces the World Television premier of Subramanyapuram starring Sumanth (Karthick) and Esha Rebba (Priya) in the lead roles. The film will be telecast on Sunday, 10th February, at 6pm.

Produced by B.Sudhakar Reddy, Subramanyapuram is titled after the name of the village Subramanyapuram where the news of a series of people committing suicidesurfaces at the sight of a peacock and the village is made to believe that it is due to the curse of the local deity. Karthick (Sumanth) is an atheist whose profession involves researching on old temples and monuments. Unlike the rest of the village Karthick refuses to believe in the reason and decides to unveil the truth behind this mystery after he faces a personal loss himself. He falls in love with Priya (Esha Rebba) who is the only connection between him and the village. He takes up the challenge with the people of the village to find the person responsible behind the series of death in 10 days.

Caught between the belief of villagers and facts about the mysterious deaths surrounding the temple, the film beautifully captures how Karthick decodes the secretive element in the story and seeks to find the truth.